PretePress’ October surprise: a horrible, debilitating cold

October 29, 2008

It figues. Just a week before what is probably the biggest Election Day I’ll ever see in my life, I’ve come down with a really bad cold. It’s the kind with chills, uncontrollable sneezing fits, running eyes and nose — and it has made my head so fuzzy I sometimes get confused trying to make tea.

I feel like i’ve let down my six readers, but there’s not much I can do when my life is filled with spit, snot and worse from a 7-month-old baby. When he gets a cold, I get it too. So on the off chance you were actually disappointed that I haven’t written lately, I’m sorry. I’ll try to post something soon about the final days of the run for the White House, and probably something about the most important issue on California’s ballot, the one that touches every other issue in state government in some way: redistricting.

That is, if I can make it to the keyboard.