Reason 927 why my missus is awesome

March 30, 2009

From my wife’s blog, Dancing Hula in the Sunset:

OK, so 927th place out of 1086 is pretty close to coming in last but I still did it. I climbed 1197 steps in 27 minutes, 10 seconds.
I was super sweaty and stank a little but I did something I was only “pretty sure” I could do.

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Collected tweets about San Francisco’s Central Subway

March 18, 2009

On March 17 I tweeted from a forum about San Francisco’s Central Subway at the San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association. But all my tweets about the meeting subsequently disappeared from Twitter. A couple of people (including the excellent Transbay Blog) have asked me to repost the tweets, so here they are, with the misspellings and fat-thumb typing cleaned up. Thank goodness for the fact that I tweeted by text message, since my phone retains sent messages.

12:34 p.m. At SPUR forum on San Francisco’s Central Subway: John Funghi of SFMTA and SPUR’s Steve Tabor.

12:37 50 people not counting staff at SPUR’s Central Subway talk.

12:53 Funghi sez Central Subway designed so it could accommodate surface travel to Fisherman’s Wharf.

12:56 The proposed temp traffic realignment to extract Central Subway boring machine looks like it will be a puzzler for area near WashBag …

12:58 … But Funghi sez disruption at that triangular park across from WashBag will be only about 18 weeks.

1:08 SPUR’s Steve Tabor: “I have grave doubts” the Geary rapid buses could ever go farther downtown than Laguna.

1:10 Tabor sez SF is the densest population and destination center in the nation not already served by a Metro-style system.

1:13 Tabor explaining possible expansion of Central Subway all the way to Doyle Drive. Pie in the sky?

1:14 Wait, that pie is higher in the sky: Central Subway to Golden Gate Bridge?

1:17 Another Central Subway option could send line toward Presidio but route a spur line off to Fisherman’s Wharf.

1:18 Tabor: Success of Central Subway hinges on ability to accommodate three-car trains.

1:23 Funghi: $1bln / mile is as cheap as Central Subway can get.

1:30 Though Tabor sez three-car trains needed, Funghi says two cars are where Muni is headed. In part because stations planned for two cars only.

Regarding the 1:23 and 1:30 tweets, I think they bear some clarification.

When Funghi said that $1 billion per mile is as cheap as the Central Subway can get, he meant that’s as cheap as the city can do it by bore tunneling instead of cut-and-cover tunnel construction. He explained that the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency went with bore tunneling because of concerns about the potential social and economic disruption that might be caused by a lengthy process of tearing up city streets.

About the disparity between Tabor’s three-car statement and Funghi’s caution that that isn’t what Muni’s going to do, Funghi said that Muni thinks it can make up for the reduced capacity by running trains more frequently. Besides, he said, it costs more time and money to have two drivers couple and uncouple three-car trains than to just run more trains. Make up your own mind about whether you buy that explanation.

To view a PDF of Funghi’s slide presentation at the SPUR forum, click here.

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Fancy Food Show, here I come

January 19, 2009

I’m spending the day at the Fancy Food Show at San Francisco’s Moscone Center. Look for short posts from the show today, plus tweets at

Wireless connections are a bit spotty in Moscone Center and no cameras are allowed in the show, but I’ll post what I can, when I can.

Mobile gadget test

January 17, 2009

This post is just a test of the gadget from my mobile phone. I’m lying in my backyard hammock with my daughter, trying to not think about how strange the balmy weather is for January.

How did you get here? Week of Friday, Oct. 3

October 4, 2008

I don’t know what was more fun this week, watching the Palin-Biden debate on TV or watching MC Hammer at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass in Golden Gate Park. In any case, both events proved quite popular among visitors to PretePress. I’m sure that if I had included that photo of a woman dressed as a cow that’s going around, it would have beat everything.

Some of the search terms that brought people to my blog this week, in no particular order (remember that WordPress truncates some terms when compiling its lists):

  • weird stuff found in the bay after hurri
  • galveston pictures – fish in fence
  • bay bridge tanker oil spill san francisc
  • anti-palin rally burlingame
  • elitada
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  • oil spill photos of cosco busan
  • tom prete
  • is stuart hanlon a good attorney in san
  • na lei hulu i ka wekiu
  • i hate critical mass

Elitada News stole my content

September 28, 2008

I know I’m not the only blogger whose content has been stolen and reprinted in its entirety elsewhere without payment or acknowledgment of ownership, so I won’t whine on forever about this — but I do want to say something for the record.

Please don’t visit the site (no reason to reward thievery with page views), but this morning I found that my post analyzing the first McCain-Obama debate reprinted on www(dot)elitada(dot)com/news/ — every word of it. The only indication that they got the content from me was a tiny link to my original post at the bottom of the page, with the permalink concealed. This isn’t an excerpt or a blogroll we’re talking about, it’s a clear violation of U.S. and international copyright laws.

Furthermore, the site seems to have a dummy comment form designed to prevent feedback. The form looks normal, but trying to submit a comment results in an error message that the commenter didn’t fill out the email address field — which doesn’t exist on the form.

The content presented at this site seems to be almost entirely stolen from other sources and reprinted without acknowledgment, so I’m not the only one with this issue.

How did you get here? Week of Friday, Sept. 26

September 26, 2008

My post about the fish stuck in a chain-link fence after Hurricane Ike was still the most popular post this week, but other popular pieces included one about Sarah Palin’s witch-proofing procedure and one about a party for local bloggers thrown by KPIX-TV’s blog about blogs, Eye on Blogs.

Some of the search terms that brought people to PretePress this week:

  • fish stuck in fence (and variations)
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  • biggest rally in alaska opposing palin
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  • palin reverend blessing olbermann
  • oil spill animals
  • california adopts budget
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  • san francisco public space hidden
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  • robert j. mccarthy sf
  • number 317 (Um, OK.)
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  • san francisco examiner september 11th
  • “david burgin” 2008 editor
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  • san francisco mccain obama debate 6 p.m.
  • watch debate sunset san francisco