Up close with Ocean Beach erosion

I went out to Ocean Beach this morning to see the current condition of the eroded bluff south of Sloat Boulevard. The parking lot at Sloat and the Great Highway was closed, as was the roadside parking area to the south.

Bicyclist examines Ocean Beach erosion

I have fished Ocean Beach for about 15 years, and I’m familiar with the ways winter storms and calmer summer waves can significantly rearrange the beach, sometimes moving vast amounts of sand in very little time. But I don’t remember ever seeing the sand this depleted. In fact, structures such as a metal-and-rock groin extending into the surf from the shore just off the Oceanside Water Pollution Control Plant are visible now, whereas they normally are completely buried in the sand.

One of the reasons the sand has disappeared from this area is clearly visible at low tide: There is a complex and large system of otherwise normal beach structures in htis area, with troughs moving large amounts of water along the shore, and rips pumping that water and suspended sand offshore.

Closed parking area near Oceanside water plant

Lara Truppelli of the Beach Chalet restaurant has called a meeting Monday evening to discuss the erosion. I’m curious to hear what the city and other agencies with jurisdiction over Ocean Beach, the Great Highway and the water treatment plant propose to do about the recent erosion and the long-term condition of that part of the beach.

Surfer climbing down eroded bluff to Ocean Beach

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2 Responses to Up close with Ocean Beach erosion

  1. Janice says:

    One concern is about traffic being routed onto Sloat permanently. That’s a lot of traffic right in front of the zoo, where it can already be dangerous to cross, crosswalks aren’t enough.

  2. njudah says:

    What’s interesting to me is that back in the mid 80s, I took a geology course at CSM, and we went on a field trip to this very area. The instructor showed us all the things going on there and predicted pretty much everything that’s happened since.

    I remember them saying “if you learn nothing else in college geology, you’ll at least learn where NOT to buy a home in California.”

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