SF Weekly calling the kettle black?

This morning, the San Francisco weekly newspaper SF Weekly tweeted thusly: “We Hate to Pick on the Chronicle When It’s Down — But Is Anybody Proofreading? http://tr.im/gLPB”. Now, even though I make my living helping smart people look smarter by editing their writing, I

Whats wrong with the ad on the right?

What's wrong with the ad on the right?

understand that mistakes happen to everyone, so I won’t needle the Weekly too much about something I found in its Feb. 4, 2009 edition. But it is funny, so I have to point out that either someone at the Weekly or one of its advertisers needs to look to its own mistakes.

On page 12 of the Feb. 4 SF Weekly, I noticed an ad for a medical marijuana establishment. The ad features a photo of a young businessman, apparently in an attempt to show that a “typical stoner” isn’t who one might think it is. But there’s something wrong. A scan of the ad is included in this post, linking to a bigger version on Flickr. Bragging rights go to the first person who comments explaining what’s wrong with the ad.

And to be fair, it’s likely that this error is the advertiser’s fault, but someone at the Weekly could have caught it before it went to press.

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4 Responses to SF Weekly calling the kettle black?

  1. Janice says:

    Okay, I give, I can’t figure it out. But I must say the capitalization of the letter t in “Trader” bugs me.

  2. Tom Prete says:

    Well, there are a number of things wrong with this ad, but I’ll give you a hint. It’s not an error of punctuation, spelling or capitalization. Think big-picture issues.

  3. Tom Prete says:

    Oh, all right. Here’s the solution.

    This ad seeks to attract new medical marijuana customers and urges them to call for more information. But they *don’t give a telephone number* or even the name of a business. So much for their pitch that medical marijuana has nothing to do with “typical stoners.”

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