Muni express pitch for catches MetBlogs’ eye

My pitch for a story about San Francisco’s Muni express bus service has attracted some attention over at MetBlogs, as has new crowd-funded journalism site

MetBlogs’ Anna explains the concept this way: “You submit an idea, either a story you want reported, or one you want to report, and people vote or Digg it *before* the work is done. Crowd-sourced journalism.”

Muni bus on Market Street.

Muni bus on Market Street.

I’m also pleased to report that thanks to some generous pledges, funding for my story is just $180 from the goal. For just a few dollars (really — a donation of 10 bucks makes a big impact), you can be part of this new direction in journalism, too. And if you’re a media outlet or other publisher of news, don’t forget that this is a great way to get unique content at a very reasonable price.

To find out more about and my story about Muni express buses, please visit

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One Response to Muni express pitch for catches MetBlogs’ eye

  1. Anna says:

    Thanks for the shoutout! I’d heard of from J Toeman, and then he posted your pitch on FriendFeed, so re-posted w/ context on SF Metblogs (oh the tangled web of references) good luck on the story and glad I could be of help. I think MUNI needs a kick in the pants, and this is a thoughtful and analytical way to get stuff done.

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