John McCain quits campaign on a classy note

In spite of a few raucous boos from the audience, Arizona Sen. John McCain capped his 2008 campaign for the

Sen. Jouhn McCain

Sen. John McCain

presidency of the United States tonight with a concession speech that recalled the dignity and grace of the way he conducted himself in the early stages of his campaign.

The late-stage McCain campaign went into the ditch in a number of ways, not only losing the race for the White House but also tarnishing the senator’s reputation in the process. McCain, however, reclaimed a big part of his personal reputation with his concession speech. He admitted defeat but also urged his supporters to consider the good of the country and work with the next president.

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2 Responses to John McCain quits campaign on a classy note

  1. averageuscitizen says:

    That he did. Where was the McCain we heard from tonight the last 6 months? That was the man I voted for in 2000. This election I voted for Obama, but McCain deserves a great hand for his speech tonight.

  2. Heavenly says:

    I will agree. I thought McCain’s speech tonight was moving and beautiful. I wish that we could have seen more of that during the campaign. Even though I did not vote for McCain I have always had and will continue to have the utmost respect for him.

    McCain for his age gave a good fight and I see that he will continue to fight for the best of us. I hope that McCain and Obama work together to push us to be a better country that I know we can be.

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