Palin’s new plan: Go after Biden –

ST. LOUIS — Sarah Palin plans to go on the attack in tonight’s debate, hitting Joe Biden for what she will call his foreign policy blunders and penchant for adopting liberal positions on taxes and other issues, according to campaign officials involved in prepping her for tonight’s showdown.

Well, this certainly will make the debate more interesting to watch, but I’m not convinced it’s a surefire winning strategy for Palin. At best, it’s a gamble. Does anyone remember CNN’s Approve-O-Meter from the McCain-Obama debate? Approval among independents crashed whenever McCain attacked Obama. If Biden sticks to the plan as described in this article, I think he comes out with a big-picture win even if Palin lands a couple of jabs. The most likely positive outcome for Palin is a reinvigoration of the GOP base, but I don’t buy the idea that the base is in any danger of sitting out the elex or defecting to someone else.

Palin’s new plan: Go after Biden – Mike Allen –


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