Elitada News stole my content

I know I’m not the only blogger whose content has been stolen and reprinted in its entirety elsewhere without payment or acknowledgment of ownership, so I won’t whine on forever about this — but I do want to say something for the record.

Please don’t visit the site (no reason to reward thievery with page views), but this morning I found that my post analyzing the first McCain-Obama debate reprinted on www(dot)elitada(dot)com/news/ — every word of it. The only indication that they got the content from me was a tiny link to my original post at the bottom of the page, with the permalink concealed. This isn’t an excerpt or a blogroll we’re talking about, it’s a clear violation of U.S. and international copyright laws.

Furthermore, the site seems to have a dummy comment form designed to prevent feedback. The form looks normal, but trying to submit a comment results in an error message that the commenter didn’t fill out the email address field — which doesn’t exist on the form.

The content presented at this site seems to be almost entirely stolen from other sources and reprinted without acknowledgment, so I’m not the only one with this issue.


4 Responses to Elitada News stole my content

  1. stuffjourneymemberslike says:

    spooky and annoying! i guess all you can do is be flattered, since apparently they think you’ve got some intelligent things to say, which you do by the way. just look at it this way- now you’ve got fodder for any political discussion you may find yourself in; you’ve got cred.
    ps- i agree with your assessment of the debate.

  2. Baby Power Dyke says:

    Same thing happened to me today.

    I accepted their “comment” and replied with a comment of you my own linking to your post here.

  3. Delete this stupid post.elitada.com has no content from your site.where is the address that we stolen your content?we are ready to use our legal righsts if you dont delete this lier post.

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