How did you get here? Week of Friday, Sept. 26

My post about the fish stuck in a chain-link fence after Hurricane Ike was still the most popular post this week, but other popular pieces included one about Sarah Palin’s witch-proofing procedure and one about a party for local bloggers thrown by KPIX-TV’s blog about blogs, Eye on Blogs.

Some of the search terms that brought people to PretePress this week:

  • fish stuck in fence (and variations)
  • biggest rally in alaska’s history – oppo
  • biggest rally in alaska opposing palin
  • rush on the anti palin rally september
  • palin witch blessing
  • palin reverend blessing olbermann
  • oil spill animals
  • california adopts budget
  • seal beach rock crab
  • san francisco public space hidden
  • robert mccarthy
  • robert j. mccarthy sf
  • number 317 (Um, OK.)
  • sf events calendar polit*
  • san francisco examiner september 11th
  • “david burgin” 2008 editor
  • california politics by county
  • san francisco mccain obama debate 6 p.m.
  • watch debate sunset san francisco

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