Fun at the Eye on Blogs party

So I went to the party thrown by Eye on Blogs last night not knowing what to expect, but I ended up having a good time and meeting some good people with interesting blogs.

First mention, of course (and many thanks for the party), goes to Brittney Gilbert herself, author of the Eye on Blogs blog at KPIX-TV/CBS5. I didn’t get to talk with Brittney for long, though, because the effusive and charming Beth Spotswood of (among other things) I’ll Flip You. Flip You for Real showed up and stole the show.

I know I’m going to forget someone, so apologies in advance, but I also had a great time talking with Kathryn Hill of Kosmonaut, Johnny and Shannon from funcheapSF, Janice from Sunset Style (nice to meet another blogger from the Sandy Quarter of San Francisco), Chris of Spot-ON and Becca of Bullpen Baker. Links to their blogs are below.

Some hastily-snapped pics from my phone:

CBS5 Eye on Blogs party 01

CBS5 Eye on blogs party 02

CBS5 EYE on blogs party 03

P.S.: Only one sort-of complaint. As an old-time journo by temperament, I’ve always thought that three of the ugliest words in the English language are “no host bar,” so I was pleased to see Eye on Blogs spring for the beer and wine. But I still was a bit disappointed not to be able to get a gin and tonic, which is the perfect business-party drink because you can easily swap it for just carbonated water while everybody else’s tongues are getting looser and looser. Ah, well, free Anchor Steam and food — I think I can take the punishment.


Eye on Blogs


Sunset Style



Bullpen Baker


3 Responses to Fun at the Eye on Blogs party

  1. Janice says:

    Pleased to meet someone from the “Outsidelands”, as well. I expect to see topiary photos here soon. And I agree, the party was lovely, but I was not thrilled to have to switch to Sprite at the end. Sugar after beer is as bad a combination as wine after beer.

  2. Kathryn Hill says:

    It was wonderful to meet you!

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