How did you get here? Week of Friday, Sept. 19

If you want to know how people found PretePress this week, you need to know only three words:

  • fish
  • fence
  • Ike

I was looking through photos of the aftermath of Hurricane Ike on Tuesday and found a picture like nothing I’ve ever seen, showing two fish stuck in a chain-link fence as if it were a fishing net. It appeared as if the fish were carried along by Hurricane Ike floodwaters, got stuck in the fence and were left behind when the waters receded. It was a photo from the Associated Press (reproduced in conformance with fair-use practices), but there wasn’t much information in the AP caption. I thought it was interesting, so I posted a tiny thumbnail of it, with just a few words of commentary — not really a serious post, just an off-topic one-off. Much to my surprise, that little one-off post has brought hundreds of people to PretePress every day since.

I won’t bore you with all the variations, but by far the most popular search terms by which people found PretePress this week were like these:

  • fish stuck fence hurricane ike
  • fish fence ike
  • hurricane ike fish stuck fence

Some of the other search terms people used, in no particular order:

  • alaska rally opposing palin
  • biggest rally in alaska’s history – oppo
  • sarah palin political successes and fail
  • brt in san francisco
  • bob mccarthy san francisco
  • dead birds
  • oil birds
  • union bug
  • toktumi
  • san francisco street sunset district
  • the hurried life of journalist (Amen, brother or sister)
  • examiner bastards
  • sara palin/dolores umbridge
  • what can people realize after looking up (My favorite for the week)

P.S.: I know this is a couple of days late, but I had a big editing job this week and didn’t have time to update until now.


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