Fish stuck in fence after Hurricane Ike

Fish stuck in Texas fence after Hurricane Ike.

Hurricane Ike created a great deal of human suffering and damage to property, but for the most part that lies outside the scope of this blog. However, this photo was just so weird that I had to share it. Hurricane Ike’s surge and flood waters carried large numbers of fish with them, and in West Orange, Texas as least one chain-link fence acted like a fishing net, capturing fish apparently carried by flood waters.

Associated Press photo by Eric Gay.

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6 Responses to Fish stuck in fence after Hurricane Ike

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  2. crimsonthunder says:

    Ok that just looks weird I must say.

  3. crimsonthunder says:

    I mean like look at its fish stuck in a fence that is sooooooo weird

  4. blain2627 says:

    thats so funny no no no!its like “uhh ohh there is no reverse!!!! ahhhh im ganna die!”

  5. funny1234567890 says:

    the fish should have stuck with jenny grieg he might have made it through lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. funny1234567890 says:

    he is also saying weeeeeeeeeeeeeee are so screwed

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