Don’t look now, but California Legislature has agreed on a budget

UPDATE Sept. 17: Schwarzenegger now says he’ll veto the budget offered by the Legislature. Good for him. I expected a bunch of bluster about it but no action. In spite of the negative impact of not having a state budget for so long, in the end this may be the best thing for California. Now, if only we had competitive electoral districts …

No, really — don’t look. The budget state legislators passed early this morning is as bad as anything they’ve come up with in the past decade or more, and California lawmakers just left the state’s budget process burning on the side of the road.

Thanks, guys.

Dan Weintraub of the Sacramento Bee suggests that California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger should veto the budget, even though there’s a good chance the Legislature would override him. Why? Well, writes Weintraub, that would put Der Arnold in a great moral position to push for real budget reform next year. Maybe so, but the Schwarzenegger we’ve seen of late doesn’t appear to have the stomach for that kind of fight, and a veto might anger legislators of both parties so much that it could harm the governor’s ability to push his agenda on other matters.

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Dan Weintraub on the California state budget

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