How did you get here? Week of Friday, Sept. 12

These are some of the search-engine terms people used to find PretePress during the week of Friday, Sept. 12, 2008:

  • san francisco examiner september 11
  • 2008 san francisco taraval street fair
  • tank against child (A google search for this turns up all sorts of weird stuff, but I think they might have been looking for a photograph of a Palestinian boy about to throw a rock at an Israeli tank.)
  • exxon valdez oil spill
  • sad child in a room (I’m not even going to speculate about this one, but it did remind me of the comic-book series “Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children.” If you look up “Beautiful Stories” on the web, keep in mind that it’s for grownups. Kids, easily offended adults and people at work should stay away.)
  • bike death embarcadero sf
  • headlines bastards san francisco chronic
  • s.f. chronicle headline bastards! (Wrong paper, guys.)
  • ktvu: presidential race, march 23, 2008
  • 9/11
  • carmen chu
  • ron dudum
  • bruce mahoney
  • san francisco private public spaces
  • bush worst communicator
  • worest part of palin’s speech (Twice in one day, with the same misspelling.)
  • tanker animation
  • sarah palin exception speech
  • palin’s negotiation
  • dead bird
  • patrick makuakane gay (This is interesting. Makuakane is my wife’s kumu hula, and since I wrote about one of his shows, PretePress shows up in this search. But what’s odd is that no one ever clicks to my blog by searching “patrick makuakane” without also including “gay.”)
  • taraval st san francisco
  • living in sunset district san francisco
  • union bug (Insects of the world unite!)
  • mike farrah san francisco (Back again.)
  • pretepress (Thanks!)

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