How did you get here? Week of Sept. 5, 2008

I never tire of seeing the things that bring people to my humble corner of the blogosphere. My post on Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin provided a new one-day record for views, and unsurprisingly, searches related to Palin brought in a large number of readers.

The simple search “palin” was the biggest, but some other Palin-related searches:

palin democratic speech

“palin” “dolores umbridge”

palins speech failure

palins speech success or failure

david gergen on palins speech

palin speech failure

was palin’s speech a success? (Someone with a question.)

palins speech a huge success (Someone with an answer, apparently.)

palin failure clinton

sarah palin weakness failure

Some other searches that brought readers my way For the week running up to Friday, Sept. 5:

oil beach oil spill bird

clear map of sutter county

san francisco bay bridge bike lane

oil ocean spill

critical mass hate (This one is a perennial favorite, turning up every few days.)

economic impact of cosco busan (I’ve been wondering about that myself.)

tom prete (Gotta love that one.)

janine delavega (This turns up every week or two, like searches for “mike farrah.”)

was mccain’s speech a success or fail?

mccain’s speech…success??


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