Election thoughts and Prop. F blight

November 6, 2007

Well, a combination of personal and professional obligations over the past two weeks kept me from writing as extensively ahead of San Francisco’s November election as I would have liked.

In fact, it turns out that Proposition E is the only fall ballot measure I was able to write about in advance. That’s kind of funny, because it’s the one of the bunch I think is least relevant to the quality of life and governance in San Francisco. But that’s life, I suppose. Go ahead and plan, but don’t be surprised at how different the outcome looks from what you wanted.

A side note on Proposition F. Someone has been sticking up campaign posters for Proposition F on public property on the west side of San Francisco. The signs started popping up a week or two ago, and they all have a similar appearance: They all sport a jaggedly cut edge, as if someone with an unsteady hand had cut them quickly with scissorspropF_sign from a larger piece of card stock, they all are affixed crudely with gray duct tape, they all appear on public property or on street fixtures in the public right-of-way, they all are taped up low enough that the person who put them up probably was less than 6 feet tall and probably wasn’t using a ladder. And one more thing: None of them bear any indication of who paid for them. They do have a printers’ union bug and the number “317,” but no committee ID number or any other identifying information.

I found these posters on a light pole in the median of Sunset Boulevard, on the north side of the west end of the Sloat Boulevard overpass over Sunset, on the south side of the central support of the Sloat Boulevard overpass, on a utility box in the median of Sloat Boulevard a few blocks west of 19th Avenue, on part of the red-light camera apparatus on the northeast corner of Sloat Boulevard and 19th Avenue, on a utility box at the same corner, and in Glen Park near the BART station.

I’ve noticed a welcome reduction in the number of campaign signs posted in public places this season (there’s a new rule regulating posting on public property), but some supporter of Proposition F apparently decided to make an exception. I suppose I should be happy they aren’t movie-ad posters affixed with wheat paste, but it looks like blight to me anyway.