Giants dump Bonds

Holy cow, the San Francisco Giants just dumped Barry Bonds!

That they made the decision doesn’t surprise me. I’m just surprised to see it come during the season. I would have thought that both Barry and the Giants would have clammed up until November at least.

Like many fans of baseball and the Giants, my feelings about Barry Bonds are decidedly mixed. For years, I kept seeing the same thing with Bonds: For a glorious fraction of a second, while his bat was in motion, Barry Bonds was a sort of baseball avatar, an earthly conduit channeling something of otherworldly grace and power and beauty. Then he would stand and admire the fleeing ball for a moment too long, or later he would open up his mouth, and the spell would be broken. No longer the avatar, Barry went back to being Barry. And the Barry the public could see, as much as we wished it were otherwise, was often a jerk.

Fare thee well, Bary Bonds.


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