Ammiano wants controls for San Francisco’s eastern neighborhoods

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors meeting this afternoon was as dry as yesterday’s cornbread, except for the role call for introductions. At least, the parts I saw were. Having a life, I missed the parts of the meeting that came after 4:45 p.m. and I haven’t been following 601 Duboce closely enough to make sense out of what happened today.

In any case, the introductions made it worth the wait. The best, in my book, was Supervisor Tom Ammiano’s announcement that he intends to produce interim zoning controls for San Francisco’s eastern neighborhoods. Ammiano knows interim zoning controls as a chef knows his knife, and it will be interesting to see what he plates up. Who knows, it might not be palatable, but he wouldn’t reach for the tool unless he had something in mind already.


Ammiano seemed angry to the point of distraction by even the thought of the Planning Commission, briefly railing against commissioners falling asleep on the job and what he said was a reluctance by the commission to collect impact-mitigation fees on new developments. I presumed at first that he was speaking metaphorically, but as he continued to say that if you find yourself nodding off you should either wake up or quit, I got the impression he as referring to an actual instance of someone being caught on SFGTV falling asleep at a meeting. If you know of a specific incident, please let me know — it would be great to get a vidcap of that if it happened.

The “eastern neighborhoods” region comprises the Mission District, Showplace Square/Potrero Hill, the Central Waterfront and East SoMA. Mission Bay and big chunks of SoMA are not included. The geographical boundaries and other information related to the eastern neighborhoods may be found at the San Francisco Planning Department’s eastern neighborhoods web pages.

I’ve asked Ammiano’s aides for the draft language of his interim controls, and I’ll provide more information as it becomes available. And more on the other introductions tomorrow: Ross Mirkarimi, Jake McGoldrick and Gerardo Sandoval had interesting things to say.


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